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Package Delivery to America

This site has been set up to allow you to quickly and easily get a quote for sending a parcel to America, along with help and information on how to do so.

On the right of this page is our "Quick Quote" feature, which allows you to get a rough price for how much it will cost to make a delivery to America. All you need to do is enter your package weight and dimensions and click the "Submit" button. If you would like this quote emailed to you, enter your email address and tick the "Email me this Quote" checkbox.

We provide courier services to most towns and cities in America and we are sure you will find our parcel delivery to America rates very competitive!

Under-Decleration of Weight or Size of Parcels

  • If you under-declare the weight or size of your parcel you will be charged the difference between the charge that you should have made and the payment you actually made. In addition you will be charged an additional £20.00 VAT admin fee.
  • If we have possession of your parcel at the time of the under-declaration, your parcel will be held until the additional payment has been made. If you have not paid within 28 days, we will dispose of your goods as we see fit.
  • In this event you will receive no refund and cannot claim compensation even if you have taken out additional cover as this will be deemed null and void as per our terms and conditions.
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